Tuesday, 5 February 2013

La Mambanegra

Here's a contemporary salsa track that is an instant classic. The video was only recently released, and it is a riot. The characters are taken from the history of Cali and its festivals, but if you want more details on that you're going to have to ask someone who knows something about the city... These guys, La Mambanegra, deliver a sledgehammer blast of salsa that I had the pleasure of seeing live in Circulart in Medellin last year, like some of the other music I've mentioned on here before. Since then I've been desperately searching to find more evidence of them online, but this video just surfaced recently. The singer, Jacobo Velez (link is to a Google translation of a news article on him and this new project), was the founder of contemporary legends "La Mojarra Electrica", although he left recently to focus on this new group. Here they are with "La Compostura" - it's a cliche, but turn it up!

Here's a quick introduction to La Mojarra Electrica in English with subtitles for the interviews.

And here's the last little bit of Mambanegra I can find online, an Electronic Press Kit video on Vimeo:

Let me know what you think... or even better, let them know what you think. La Mambanegra on Twitter.

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